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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Are Dogs welcome on the walk?

Yes well behaved dog are welcome on the walk.

How long is the walk?

The walk lasts for 2 hours . But fret not as we spend most of that time at diffrent locations. As I tell you of the Hauntings and history of the place

I havent got a PayPal account, can I still come on the walk?

HI And yes you can, All you need to do is get in touch with me and confirm your attendance. You can pay on the night. But if you change let me know ASAP.

Do you have actors, like other tours ?

No we dont have any one dressed up. If anyone jumps out at you, they will have to deal with me.

Can I book a private walk for my group?

Yes you can just get in touch.

Do you do talks on Ghosts and other things?

Yes I do talks on ghosts. Im also a Magican and a Mind reader. And your group can take part in a recreation of a Victorain Seance.

it  Is it suitable for children?

Yes it is to a degree, If they are ok with The Horrible History shows. They should be ok. But its better if they are 13 years or over.

Can we bring a Wheelchair or Pram on the walk?

Yes you can as Cardiff is one of the flattest City’s in The United Kingdom. And we don’t walk that far

Do you have P.L.I?

Yes I do.